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TOP 10 cryptocurrencies in the world with the most unusual provision

Analysts Worldcore made a rating of TOP 10 cryptocurrencies with the most original provision and concluded on whether it is at all and if so, who is the Creator of the currency or the investors.

At the moment there are over 1600 types of cryptocurrencies, most of which are freely traded on cryptomeria. One of the principles of cryptocurrency is, as you know, in the absence of security for them. However, many companies declare that their bitcoin provided.

Analysts Worldcore has created its own rating of "covered material values" of cryptocurrencies, where the upper lines are located the projects that attracted the most positive response. On the bottom – those of them, the idea which seemed more doubtful.

TOP 10 cryptocurrency with the most unusual software, announced to release in the world:

Stablecoin, backed by gold, hit the top spot for several reasons: the international price of gold remained relatively stable. In the history of trading gold price changed by 30-35%, but it happened gradually, over a long period of time. Token RMG provided by the Royal mint of great Britain.

On the second place – like tool provided with the Israeli diamond exchange, however, he secured the gems by only 25%. A similar project is in Russia.

In Worldcore noted that in order to attract more investors, companies (and even States) are inventing new ways of "ensuring" your digital currency.

So, in February 2018, the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro (Nicolás Maduro) has launched a public cryptocurrency "Petro" (El Petro) provided by oil. The currency was launched in a crisis, because the country is under international sanctions, and the issue of currency became polulegitimnoe way to bypass the sanctions and replenish the Treasury.

Another way of ensuring cryptocurrency is a technology, not just technology, but the existing solutions, when the tokens give the right to purchase products. For example, one of such currencies was the Farad is the first currency provided by ultracapacitors.

On the second place of the top Worldcore – providing agricultural products, such as Mexican pepper. It is clear that by itself yields depends largely on weather conditions, insects and other factors that are difficult to predict in advance.

The least promising analysts seem to cryptocurrency secured by the meat or grain. Conversely, the most promising they see the cryptocurrency, will provide a unique (rare) and at the same time highly liquid assets such as gold.

"A conclusion about the cryptocurrency simple: such products need to create a "digital" analogue of Fiat money, when it comes to their provision of U.S. dollars or another currency, about bypass sanctions for countries where required to attract international investment. Or the chance to spend your secured ICO falls business, attracting the promissory note loan: in this case, you can tie this non-equity securities to cryptocurrency asset and to meet the obligations of their property.

In the case of gold, precious metals and raw materials is an additional way to attract investors. And the companies not to undermine their confidence, it is necessary to undergo regular audit. But we all remember the Bank failures, which also made a positive audit report. So really check the security of the assets very difficult. Secured cryptocurrency largely lose interest "independence" and become mostly just a marketing wrapper," concluded founder and CEO Worldcore Alexey Nasonov.